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4:12 PMKathryn Curling

It's been a dream of mine for a long time to open a vintage shop online and also at the local flea market. While it doesn't work out with my schedule to be at the flea markets on weekends, I'm still pursuing the online route.  It's never been a money thing or something that I've hoped to make a living off of... I just really love the hunt. I love looking for beautiful old things and giving them new life or sharing them with people.  I love finding and wearing unique things... when I was high school I would almost never wear something if I found out someone else had it. I loved to be original.  For years I would shop at thrift stores almost completely because I couldn't fathom spending the ridiculous amounts of money on designer jeans or high heels. Many of the things that you find in thrift stores or antique stores, you just CANT get anymore... all that character and style! Now I'm happy to say that I don't just travel around looking for great stuff for no reason.. I'm actually getting to do it for a reason!

It's been an extremely long and slow process but I'm ALMOST there. I've spent the past two years collecting an inventory of pretty things.. some of which I've had to force myself not to keep in my own closet haha. I've been working on perfecting the shops brand and I'll be working these next two weeks on getting some photo shoots done and then hopefully we will be up and running. I'm excited to be working with some very talented wonderful friends of mine! I can't wait! I've gotten an incredible response so far from friends near and far so I hope it is a success, even if just a small one. I honestly just hope that people love these beautiful garments and jewelry as much as me.(not to be vain and post a ton of pics of myself in the same pose, but below are a few of the tops and blazers)

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  1. How exciting! Good luck with it :) your blog is so pretty, I'm sure the shop will be too! xx

  2. Nice shoes i loved the white ones! so unique! Beautiful post! Im from MEXICO and I think your blog is amazing!! I would be so happy if your could check out mine and say what you think?!

  3. Oh WOW That's amazing!! Congrats and best wishes for you on this journey! I am sure it will be SO MUCH FUN! And I, too, love the shoes. I have similar ones and they are my fave! -Mika

  4. Ah, that's exciting!! Best wishes as you go forward!! ps: LOVE love love those shoes in that first picture.

  5. Eek! You're living my dream! I hope everything goes wll, and I can't wait to see the shop!


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