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at the park....

8:52 PMKathryn Curling

 we spent the afternoon at the park today seeing as how its finally warming up again. conrad is pretty obsessed with collecting shells and anything else that is slimy or resembling a piece of an animal. haha. he came home with a pocket full of shells and the pincher of a crab or a crawfish or something like that. haha. i also got to do some experimenting with my camera. i loved how most of them turned out. im glad that i finally have a productive hobby.

is it finally spring where you are? i know many of my friends are sitting in a foot of snow up north... what are you looking forward to the most about spring?

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  1. Beautiful pictures. Here in Virginia we skipped spring and went straight to summer from winter! It's really hot and I am loving it! ;) I am looking forward to wearing sundresses, walking barefoot, and gardening this spring!!! :) -Mika

  2. wearing dresses is definitely my favorite part of summer.

    Also that is usually how it goes here in texas but the weather cant seem to make up its mind! one day its 90 degrees and the next is below freezing. im getting whiplash! haha


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