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10:33 AMKathryn Curling

 My friend and I are planning a mini adventure.  We've talked for a long time about how neither of us have ever been to New Orleans. She's been to quite a few places on the west coast and other places but I've never been ANYWHERE other than Oklahoma and Arkansas. So I figured its time to get to traveling, even if it is just an over night trip, now that my schedule allows it. When I start thinking about traveling, I usually end up thinking of places with amazing architecture and food. If I can't go to Paris yet, New Orleans will do for now hah!

My love for New Orleans started when I got hooked on to Anne Rice's novels. Most, if not all of them, are set partially or completely in New Orleans or Louisiana. I fell in love with the New Orleans she writes about... the french influence... the swampy landscape... and of course the vampires. haha. And not the corny twilight vampires... like.. the real killing, remorseless vampires. *SIGH* Lestat... haha

SO anyways.. I've been doing some research trying to find what I want to do or where I want to go while I'm there. I'm honestly a get there and "go with the flow" kind of girl but I don't want to miss anything. Obviously I plan on seeing the French Quarter and I know New Orleans is notorious for haunted places and graveyard tours. And I will definitely eat a lot of food.

Any suggestions other than stay away from the voodoo shops? haha


p.s. these photos i got from pinterest, i just dont remember where. =\ 

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