last week we

last week...a few changes....

9:18 AMKathryn Curling

As you can see, last week i made a few changes to the blog design... hence the adorable bears in the last post haha. i have a serious problem... maybe because i am in design school or because im insanely tooooo hard on myself... BUT i'm never satisfied with any kind of design work that i do for myself, my blog or web site. i can make things all day for others but when it comes to myself i'm just never finished. so im sure this blog design wont be the last haha. 
I have to admit, since going straight to working at home all week, I've been so relaxed. most of the the people in my life have commented on how rested and happy I seem. YEAH! It feels like I'm on vacation but I never have to go back to work haha.We spent time with family for Easter and ate a lot of unhealthy food. 
Also we had a black out on our street for approximately an hour and it was so much fun. we broke out our board games and we lit all the candles we had and ended up making shadow puppets. its funny how odd events end up turning into a wonderful experience and how liberating it can be to get away from technology... even for just an hour!
ta ta for now

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