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County Fair

12:47 PMKathryn Curling

One of my favorite parts of the year and especially summer, is going to the country fair. It's become a tradition to go and take a picture with the giant cow they have there.  There's something classic and kind of crazy about the fair. They've been around for such a long time, it almost takes you back. From the intriguing carnies to the eccentric food it's like being a kid again.

This year we watched a bear show as well as a pig race! I don't remember when the last time I laughed that hard was. We drank dry ice drink (what?? is that safe?!) and enjoyed the pretty lights. Conrad got his fill of rides and we enjoyed laughing at him. Not to mention, the Texas heat wasn't too bad so we weren't miserable.

what do you look forward to do in the summer?


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