summer itinerary

12:47 PMKathryn Curling

The Itinerary: 
*lots and lots of camping, bike riding, and fishing.
*a trip to New Orleans and hopefully tons of other places
*beach trip. (Conrad has been talking about the beach nonstop. He's never been and is so excited to collect seashells and rocks for his MASSIVE COLLECTION.)
*over indulging in flea market season!
*water balloons, water guns, sprinklers, slip n slides... yeah, all of it. =)

Conrad is out of school and I am absolutely itching to go explore and enjoy life and I am also extremely anxious about finding as much for us to do as possible. My kiddo has a TON of energy and is a hardcore nature enthusiast, me not as much on both levels. (I'm working on this lol) So I'm trying to brainstorm lots of fun activities for him to do outside this summer. (Expect more on that later!)
  I've made a personal goal to let go and enjoy everything and spend less time worrying about deadlines and due dates, especially now that school is out for both of us. While it is EXTREMELY hot in Texas in the summer, I'm prepared to tough it up and stay outdoors as much as possible. We'll see how my pasty skin likes that lol. 

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  1. your plans sound perfect-- out of doors is definitely the way to spend the summer! this is my first time at your blog-- really love your shop!

  2. awww thanks Katie! Thanks for visiting the blog and the shop! I'm so ready to go on an adventure or trip! I'm going crazy.


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