last week we.....

6:59 AMKathryn Curling

Last week has been quite eventful around here. My boyfriends brother was in from out of town staying with us for a few days so we did a lot of cooking (1) (10) including my famous cheesecake!

We spent Monday swimming and eating at my parents house for memorial day... needless to say my pasty self got sunburned.  (2)(5).

We also painted horseshoes and played. (9)

I also had my first paid photo shoot (3) as you may have heard as well as made my first sell on Etsy to a non friend/family/person I know(4)!!

Mom and I had a good time adventuring to a new town hitting up thrift stores. I found a great travel bag with an adorable map design. (12)

I also got my new dress form (11) in the mail and put together so I can start listing dresses/blouses and skirts in the shop.

 I picked up a beautiful new dress (7) that WONT be going in the shop lol. I had to keep it.

Our kittens are huge and fully mobile now. If anyone would like a free kitten lol...... (6)

 And we ended the week with some ice cream and games... operation and candy land anyone?(8)

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