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11:35 AMKathryn Curling

Last week I came across this cute little bag. Turns out its an old Polaroid instax case.  There was not a camera inside but there was someones old photos and the manual for the camera! Its such a treat to come across something so personal and special at a thrift store/ flea market. I almost wish I could find the person they belonged to and return them. When I was a kid my mother bought me an antique vanity that I still have til this day. I used to pretend that I would find hidden compartments in the drawers that had secret letters or keys. So I live for moments like these. The bag will probably end up in the shop eventually, but I'll definitely hang onto the photos.

Well I'm off to get the house tidy and finish up some work for a client. We have special plans tonight that I am soooo excited for... so I need to get everything finished early.

tata folks


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  1. what a find!! There is something really fun about other people's discarded photos... If I see vintage ones at boot sales I always feel the need to rescue them! xxx

  2. I know! especially the old victorian style portraits that are kind of creepy haha!


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