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Life has been a bit hectic lately... school is about to start for Conrad and I both again... Summer is almost over (what the HECK!!!??) It's been a busy past week getting things ready for conrads birthday party, (more on that later) and I'm honestly feeling a little bummed because I didn't accomplish much of anything that I wanted aside from work.  I had great plans for traveling and adventuring but it didn't really go as planned. I'm hoping to cram some kind of weekend trip in there before school starts.

So here's life lately accord to instagram. Basically it was a lot of time spent indoors because of the 105+ Texas heat, playing with Murphy, shipping off orders, new vintage finds, LOTS of shopping =) and party planning.

Also, one of my favorite blogs to follow these days is Polka Dotted Pixel. She posted a fun little survey type thing via  Whit B. Nimble that I decided to take part in. There a huge part of me that is stuck in 90's of feeling out web surveys with useless info about myself and getting butterflies in my stomach every time I heard that infamous Aol instant messenger sound that meant you had a new IM. oh my....

Making : PLANS!
Cooking :anything on the grill.
Drinking : way too much caffien as always.
Reading: Anne Rice's Violin and Kari Chapman's The Handmade Marketplace for the 10th time.
Wanting: a change of scenery.
Looking:at more and more houses.
Playing: lots of legos.
Wasting: nothing.
Sewing: maybe some new curtains soon?
Wishing: for an adventure.
Enjoying:lots of HGTV
Waiting: for the next step in life.
Liking: feeling good.
Wondering:  how this semester will go.
Loving: myself. My family and job.
Hoping: to travel soon
Marvelling: at all of my blessings
Needing: to take care of business
Smelling: fresh air.
Wearing: this great blue and orange sea horse dress.
Following: my dreams.
Noticing: how people change.
Knowing: a bit but learning more every day.
Thinking:  constantly. about everything.
Bookmarking: - houses for sell
Opening: my heart.
Giggling: at the kid movies with conrad.
Feeling: excited, optimistic and determined.

til next time guys,

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  1. 105 degree heat?! dont people just burst into flame at that point? haha lord props to you. and i know, this summer just vanished in the blink of an eye! good luck planning the peanuts birthday :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  2. yes it has been crazy hot here! thanks for stopping by my blog! I adore yours btw!

  3. Conrad has style!


  4. Haha he is a bit of a nerd like me Nicole!


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