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A Few New Fall Lovlies In The Shop

12:07 PMKathryn Curling

 Getting ready for the slightly cooler weather of fall most of the items in the shop have been marked down and lots of new goodies will be going in every day. =) I'm completely in love with these new dresses. If they were my size I would be keeping them. Just sayin. Haha.

I'm hoping to be trying a few new things out on the blog and shop here soon. Life has been crazy busy work-wise and getting ready for BOTH me and the kiddo to go back to school this coming Monday is freaking me out because we are completely unprepared. I'll be having lots of new projects to share with you soon though once the craziness is over. Also, I have a special new cute cuddly friend to share with you all this week. =)



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  1. I am digging all these lovely patterns!



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