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Happy (late) 4th of July!

9:51 AMKathryn Curling

You may or may not have been like me and too busy relaxing to post anything this past holiday weekend. :-) I definitely can't complain about that! Conrad participated in the parade Friday morning with his friend and had a blast. It was so cute to watch. Living a street over from the designated parade street however is NOT much fun. lol I guess I have that to look forward to every year.

Friday afternoon/evening we spent at Lake Tawakoni on the boat, hanging out, eat, fishing, swimming and going fireworks. Conrad had a blast. Me, well I would've rather been at home like the homebody that I am, but it was a nice change of pace and scenery.  All was great except for when my dog decided to randomly jump from the boat into the lake. I wasn't sure how well she could swim, but she managed to tread water long enough for us to rescue her. It was scary. And then she decided to try and catch all of the fireworks in the air. Never again will she be included in 4th of July events. ><

The rest of the weekend we were absolutely lazy. I'm not going to lie. We watched a lot of movies & tv shows and did a lot of snacking haha. I did sift through and sort stuff in preparation for the store.  It's getting closer and closer to move in day and I'm so excited and nervous. I'll be getting the keys this week! Eeeek!

I'm still looking for any of your crafty folks out there who are interested in consigning their crafts/products in my store! I'll be holding a grand opening event with door prizes and goodie bags so if you would like to include any of your products as a prize or in a goodie bag let me know. Not only does it help me out, it gains you some exposure and advertising! If you are interested in teaming up or even donating contact me. Also, I started a GoFundMe.com campaign for funding the start up of my store/studio. Even if it's only $1, it would mean the world to me and you'll receive a special custom thank you gift. =) Click here to donate!

Happy Monday all! We're off to a busy start!


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