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Shop Progress: Decorating and Starting a Vintage Shop

6:44 AMKathryn Curling

In case you missed it, I'm opening a vintage shop + design studio! I've been making lots of progress thanks to my wonderful friends and family. We've revamped counters and mostly just been decorating and sifting through the "merchandise". I still have SOOO much to do but you can see from some of the photos the progress that we've made.

 Thankfully I felt that the place was already "move in ready" so to speak. The small imperfections in the walls and flooring only added to the character that I loved so much about the building. I did a little touch up painting and swept and mopped and called it a day. The next major thing on my to do list is knocking out a garment rack and creating our shop sign!

The grand opening is in just over a week and I'm getting super nervous! ahhh!!

Thanks for stopping by! What do you think so far?


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