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6:57 AMKathryn Curling

With just a handful of weeks to get the shop + studio whipped into shape, my work is cut out for me and my wonderful support system that have so graciously volunteered to help. My Pinterest boards are going full force and I've been over planning. Here's my dreamy inspiration for what it will hopefully be.

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Shout out to my two wonderful sister-in-laws. (Even though I'm technically no longer with their brother they are the sisters I never had. I love them to pieces.) They have unknowingly inspired and given me that little extra push that I needed to follow this dream of mine. When I first started thinking I could make this work and received some not so encouraging advice from most, they gave me the pep talks and inspiration I needed. Every time that I am feeling a pinch of doubt I talk with them and I am reassured that I'm not crazy or making a terrible decision. Yay for dreamers and risk takers. lol

Once again, if you are interested in consigning your crafts or products you'd like to donate a product or money to the start up you can below or by contacting me at howdy(at)

Happy Hump Day!


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