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FleaStyle Recap

7:19 AMKathryn Curling

Last weekend was Fleastyle! It was chaotic and busy! Soooooo many people! It was such a blast though! It rained most of the day during setup and even on the day of the market but it still went as easy as it could. I finally have a good process down for loading in. EVERYTHING in my booth fits in the back of my hatchback coupe!

I met lots of lovely new people and saw lots of old friends again. One of my favorite parts about these markets is getting to see all of the lovely vendors that I've had the pleasure of selling along side of in the past. I can now say I have friends all over Texas because of markets like these.

The location and set up was amazing at Fair Park. The ladies behind Fleastyle really outdid themselves this time. Shout out to my friend Jenn coming by and letting me get lunch and use the bathroom... otherwise I would've never been able to get out of my booth for even a minute!

Until next time......

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