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Multi Purpose Work Space Inspiration / Design Studio Inspiration

8:43 AMKathryn Curling

The last time that I really put much thought into creating a work space, it was with my old brick and mortar location in mind. Now, I'm working with my house and aiming for both a design / art studio. Luckily I have an actual designated office space. One of the perks of older homes that I like are the quirky layouts. My office is a long room the runs almost the whole length of the backside of the house. It's like an over sized hallway that connects 3 parts of the house. One entry leads into the back yard / laundry room, one leads to the master bedroom and the last leads to another hallway where the other bedrooms are and another entry to the living room is. The office space is very convenient and has built ins and two closets! It was definitely a selling point for me with the house.

Currently my home office (below)  holds two desks (one computer and one art desk). It's also holding a portion of my shop inventory! The weather is finally nice enough to paint so my wheels are turning with inspiration. It's time to have a garage sale and simplify! I'm really loving the green, pink and gold. It's very Wes Anderson to me. I may do something similar with my built in book shelves. I love the idea of room length desks, but I don't know if that's possible in my space. Excuse the clutter haha!

I can't wait to turn this space into some gorgeous! Thanks for looking!


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