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Fit & Happy - Whatever Easter Candy! & Walking

7:25 AMKathryn Curling

Well hello there! Its been a few weeks. I have to admit, I almost dread the posts now because of my lack of progress and actually effort into losing weight. Ha! I've had some revelations though. In case you've missed it, each (most) Tuesday I'm writing my goals and recapping the previous week's goals in my journey towards mental and physical health/happiness. You can find the previous posts here.

So here's a recap on my recent goals and how well I followed through.

- Exercise, ugh!  See the thing about exercise is.... it has to be disguised as fun in most cases. I've literally done NO pre-planned exercise in weeks, unless you count walking the dog. No weights... no abs.. nothing. However, I've noticed that if I just plan activities and things that require lots of walking and use of muscle I get a lot more done than I otherwise would. For example, Fleastyle was almost two weeks ago... that's a lot of heavy lifting... (hey vintage coats weight a ton!) and standing on my feet. My chair disappeared so I was stuck standing all day. My feet have never hurt that badly.

I also took a day off work to take Conrad to the Dallas Arboretum over spring break (which was a blast!). I don't even know how many miles we walked that day but we were there about 5 hours. It's 66 acres! I even got a nice funky tan on my arms and chest lol

Shopping. So shopping can be said to be a form of exercise right? Whether at a flea market or the mall... several hours of walking and carrying bags has to be relatively good for you. Maybe not my bank account... but I can window shop too. haha.

So I guess I need to find more active activities (?) that are disguised as fun. I look forward to spending more time outdoors now that the weather is much nicer.  And get my treadmill fixed. Because I can Netflix and walk all day my friends.

-Spend time in thought I've done some hardcore relaxing and zoning out lately. I've had several free nights with the kiddo being at his grandparents over spring break, to just vibe out... paint.. doodle and clear my mind. All I'm really left with though is feeling disappointed with where I am with my businesses. I'm the queen of procrastination and that makes me quite unhappy. That's something that easier to say I'll change than to actually change.

Get outside. The weather has been mostly lovely lately... I need to get out more. Hiking... adventures in the wilderness... explore new parks... whatever.

Create Better Goals & Plans For Executing Them To combat my negative feelings about not getting things done and not making progress I'm going to create a clear plan of action. I was inspired by Carrie over on the Female Entrepreneur blog to get it together and create a specific plan for specific results. For a while now I've been doing a lot of little things across too many different platforms and ideas. I really need to crack down and focus on my main objectives. I can't do everything all at once. That's probably why I'm so down about it. I'm putting in tons of work with little to show for it because I'm trying to do everything. That's just not smart or healthy for me.

Revelations about SODA! I've heard people say that they've cut out soda and after a while they've tried it again and absolutely hate it. I always thought that was crazy. I've been a die hard Dr. Pepper fan since I was a kid (thanks dad!)... and never thought I could give it up. We'll I've had a few in the past 6 months.. but the last time, the first sip I took was awful. It tasted like straight up liquid marshmallows. I'm happy that my body finally was able to break off from it.

Now if I can just contain myself with all the Easter candy lying around.... 

Thanks for reading friends. I hope you don't hate reading it as much as I do writing it. haha! As always, I'll be tracking my journey on Instagram & Twitter with hashtag #fitandhappytues


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