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DAME + DOG: Promise Tangeman-Wurzell & Mr Parker.

8:00 AMKathryn Curling

Basically since I discovered the world of blogging and began following designers that I admired I've followed Promise Tangeman. She is basically my hero.. she gorgeous, incredibly talented, super hot and has a style that is fantastic and a heart of gold.  She also happens to be incredibly nice and I really enjoy her inspirational and motivating posts. Not to mention she is kind of my hair hero. =) So when I saw that her adorable puppy I naturally couldn't wait to feature her on my Pet + People feature. (Check out my last pet + person post here .)

ABOUT PARKER: Parker is a Goldendoodle. He was a Christmas present in 2011 from talented hubby Brian Wurzell and he got to come home to his forever home in February of 2012. From his antics on instagram (he has his own hashtag #thedogparker  by the way) he enjoys visiting the office and hanging with clients, snuggling with your head while  on the computer, lounging on the couch and helping with home renovations.

ABOUT PROMISE: "With a passion for marketing and a killer creative process, Promise Tangeman Creative develops unique visual identities, websites, and other graphic elements to empower small businesses to succeed with confidence. And not only succeed, but come out on top having a jaw dropping brand that attracts their ideal client and leaves a lasting impression that people talk about, tweet about, Facebook about and blog about."

Her work is incredible! You can check out Promise's work at

Hope you enjoyed the cuteness!

All photos via Promise Tangeman Blog

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