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BOOTS: the only thing on my feet this fall

7:30 PMKathryn Curling

So if you follow me on pinterest, you've probably gotten an eyeful of pretty boots this past week haha. While I'm sure that's a bit of an over statement, I literally will probably be wearing boots almost every single day come fall til spring. I just love them. There's something about a great pair of boots that not only makes this shorty look taller but also gives you some extra "UMMPH!".

You can wear boots so many different ways! My personal favorite way to wear boots is with tights and a cute casual dress or extra long button up shirt with a belt. (Speaking of tights check out this great post about wearing tights from Lauren) I was super stoked when I woke to it pouring rain this morning simply for the fact that I could break my boots out. =) Who cares that my hair got soaked and that my dog refuses to go outside and pee in the rain. haha.

Happy weekend everyone it's time to get to movie/video game night with the kiddo =) He picked out the Mario Brothers movie, Harry Potter and Narnia movies so it's going to be a long night haha.


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  1. I love a good pair of boots, Im on the search for the perfect pair for this winter!

  2. Me to Charlotte! Apparently, Blowfish shoes has a ton of great boots for a decent price. Half of these were from their shop. I love their styles.

  3. Ok I need all of them! I only own one pair of boots. I need to get on this!

  4. I know me too! I'm feeling really unprepared. I bought two pairs last week lol

  5. Boots are an ultimate must have during the fall and winter. And how cool, my daughter just got a pair of #8s. :) They are SUPER CUTE! Found you through Texas Women Bloggers. ~ Pary Moppins

  6. Oh man I'm jealous! I want those so bad! I'm a sucker for anything floral really...! Thanks for stopping by!!


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