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What I'm loving today....

7:39 AMKathryn Curling

It's been 10 days since my last post... last week was not the greatest week and I spent a great deal of it pouting like a 4 year old. haha. The house we were in love with ended up being sold RIGHT BEFORE we jumped on it. I literally pouted for a few days. I realized quickly it wasn't meant to be though and had to remind myself that it could only mean that something better was waiting for us.

School has also been a complete downer. This semester I'm having to knock out a few classes that are required for me to graduate in the Spring so they are completely boring and very basic classes that I am going have to pull my teeth to commit. But with all that negativity aside, here are some things making me happy.

*The New Girl is coming back on next week!! Is anyone else as excited about that as me??
*Reading inspiring books. It's starting to feel like Fall which means I plan to read, read and read some more. =) What's on your reading list? Most of mine are work/design related. Fall does crack out my Anne Rice collection though.
  *Circles Design conference is next week and I'm so excited to be going with my best friend! Watch their video.
*Planning all the goodies I will be baking soon.
*Gold nail polish
*My crazy little pup Lola
*Watching Conrad grow and learn. It's so incredible how quickly he has changed. He even has his first loose tooth.
*I'm off work this Saturday, which means I will be spending the afternoon at the flea market for the first time in FOREVER. =)

Happy Thursday everyone.


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  1. I LOVE new girl. I want Zoey's bangs!


  2. I am so excited for the New Girl season! LOVE it.

  3. I know me too! what did yall think of the first episode? I'm so glad that Jess and Nick finally got together haha.


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