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Guy + Gato: Will Bryant & Lorretta Cornbread

9:46 PMKathryn Curling

Welcome to a new feature of the blog! It's been a topic brewing in my brain for quite some time now to feature artists, designers, musicians and people whom I admire and their equally rad pets. =) Because let's face it, I love talented people and who doesn't love cute animals? So I'm kicking off this post with probably the most awesome dude that I have come in contact with in my design adventures. I blogged about him way in the day on my previous blog, the super talented and unbelievably nice "mr fancy pants" Will Bryant. I came across his work a few years back when he was working out of Austin, Tx and have been an admirer ever since. So here we go!

Full Name: Loretta Cornbread Bryant

About Loretta: "My wife and I adopted Loretta from the Oregon Humane Society a few months after moving to Portland. She has an incredibly sweet disposition (to certain people, like most felines tend to do) and enjoys sitting with her belly in the grass. 

She has yet to get a job (our previous cat, Avey, was in real estate), but makes use of her time by reading and working on self initiated projects. She's intrigued by the contemporary art scene and is considering pursuing an MFA, but only after she finishes her first chapbook. Her poetry explores the domestic setting through a misguided voice that longs for outdoor adventure. 

Loretta is also interested in sculpture. She typically works in textiles; most often with folded laundry, rugs, and blinds. When her mind is clouded with thoughts she listens to country music, watches SEC football, and keeps up to date with sneaker culture. I nearly forgot to mention that she's a fantastic cook!"

 Full Name: Will "Fancy Pants" Bryant

About Will: "Will Bryant is a graphic designer and a studio artist. With his piles of work, he aims to break down barriers between the two seemingly disparate practices—without taking himself too seriously. His work can be experienced in various forms such as drawing, painting, printmaking, publications, sculpture, and happenings. Whatever form it takes, his work remains light-hearted and full of personality. Bryant recently finished his MFA in Contemporary Art Studio Practice at Portland State University."

And he completely rules.

Thanks for sharing Will! Hope you enjoyed this new feature as much I did creating it.


All images courtesy of Will Bryant
Follow him on Twitter Instagram and his blog.


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  1. great new feature! Looking forward to more!


  2. Thanks! I'm excited about it. Didn't get the response from others I was hoping for though. =(


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