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6:20 AMKathryn Curling

We spent this past weekend at Canton First Monday! I was excited since I hadn't been in awhile, but ended up being disappointed that the prices were so high, even for the junk (which is what I go for). It's kinda of sad in a way to see that people are marketing and cashing in on things that used to be free on the side of the road or scrap wood. More power to them I suppose. I just wont expect to come home from there with a full load ever again. I did end up talking a guy down on his prices just as the rain began to sprinkle. I ended up coming home with a bag of pretty painted metal letters and a stack of wire baskets ($25 for 5 woo!)

We also took a very unnecessary trip to Ikea and the Vans store. I splurged. I've been a shopaholic lately.. I really need to stop. But I finally got a bed after 10 years spent sleeping w/ my mattress on the floor. Now, before you gawk at me, this was by choice. I've always loved sleeping low to the ground.

I did a lot of tv catching up this past week too. (Game of Thrones and True Blood marathons) THe animals like to cuddle for tv time of course.

About a week ago I began trying to get in shape and eat healthier. I jogged/walked 3.5 miles last Friday! This is a HUGE deal for me. I've been using the app Run Keeper to track my walking and running. If you are anything like me, (i.e lazy, procrastinator, tv marathon watcher) Seeing my miles, times and the actual little GPS tracking of my path is motivating and has helped me to stick with it. I also switched it on while walking around the flea market to see how far we walked.  I've also been using Lose It to help me track my calories and exercise. If you're thinking about getting healthier these apps are awesome.

I guess thats it for today. =)

Happy Tuesday!


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