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Texas Blue Bonnets

7:51 AMKathryn Curling

Like everyone else pulled over on the side of the highway, we stopped to take blue bonnet pictures yesterday. It's one of those Texas traditions that I love. Of course we can't make it through taking pictures without him being silly.. hence the flowers on his head lol.  Do any of you make it a point to take blue bonnet pictures?

Happy Hump Day guys! (I never thought I'd appreciate humpy days until I got a real grown up job lol)


P.S. I'm doing mini blue bonnet photo sessions if you are close to the Greenville/Rockwall area or want to travel. $25 for 30 minute shoot of up to 5 people. ( Includes CD w/ edited photos for you do with what you wish as well as the option to have them printed through me.) email me for more info! howdy(at)

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