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ROOM BY ROOM: living room inspiration

6:31 AMKathryn Curling

I'm loving the brown & black combos,  pretty gallery walls and unique furniture in these pictures. I want a dreamy, loungey and interesting living room. I want combinations of feminine and masculine. I like classy mixed with rustic.

Finding the motivation to decorate and hang more things up has been very hard in the past. It's too easy to come home from work and flop on the couch or spend the entire weekend cleaning the house. But it's driving me nuts not having my home how I want it! My next big project to tackle is our living room. We bought out couches second hand and they aren't really my taste, but they're ok.  Also, our previous living room was about 12x12 and our current is about 25X30 so we've gained a TON of space.

I've picked up quite a few neat things (wire baskets, cool industrial letters, a few prints) that will look awesome. Time to get to hanging  and organizing things! I definitely need to get a few awesome pieces of art still.

What is your idea of a perfect living room?

Happy Friday guys!




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