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Vintage Hacks - A New Feature: How To Make Vintage Work For You

9:38 AMKathryn Curling

Last week I posted on Facebook and Instagram a very simple "4 Ways To Wear A Vintage Scarf" mini tutorial. I couldn't believe the amount of likes, comments, questions and shares I received!  And thinking about all the wonderful and lovely people that I've been meeting in my shop and online,  I've realized something. Just about everyone loves vintage clothing, accessories and home decor but half the time they think "I love that dress, but I just don't know where/how I'd wear that" or "I love that cute vintage hat but I don't know what I would wear it with."

This made me want to start a new feature on my blog and of course I got overly excited.   All through high school and even today my friends would tell me "You can pull anything off" or that they love what I'm wearing but they could never pull it off themselves.  My secret to pulling anything off? NOT CARING whether you can pull it off or not and embracing the fact that you love it. Also being selective and knowing what works with my body. So I'm here to tell you, just because it is something different or a bit out there, doesn't mean that it can't work for you.

 I'll be sharing my tips and tricks for styling vintage pieces for YOU and making things you already love bring out the best in you. All cliches aside, you CAN rock vintage clothing and believe me, people will want to know where and how you got it. [insert your kind referral to my vintage boutique] I kid, I kid.

 Now I'm not saying that you should run out and buy the most unflattering item of clothing or over sized Tiki man statue (think Honey We Shrunk Ourselves) and rock it. But know your body and let your gut speak to you.

Many people don't realize that there are tons of tweaks and simple adjustments to turn a vintage dress into a modern piece of every day wardrobe. You don't have to look like a 50's housewife or hippy to rock a vintage dress. They can be every day fashion for the office or just running around town.

This is an open call for questions. Please comment or email me at howdy(at) with your questions and I'll address them personally and on the blog. You can also Tweet me or comment on Instagram or Facebook and I will gladly answer.

Thanks for stopping by!

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