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Back To School For He & Me With Toms, Vans & Modcloth

8:58 AMKathryn Curling

Remember the days when you were young and it was time for back to school shopping? I definitely didn't have a wealthy upbringing so I learned to work hard for the things that I needed and wanted. I worked nearly full time at the local Dairy Queen and waiting tables at another restaurant most of high school as soon as I could drive.

Back to school shopping was always one of those times where I could reward myself for surviving the grease and late hours of the food industry all summer long. There's a long list of things to get for my son for back to school so we'll be busy doing that this week. Even though I'm not exactly going back to school in the same sense as before, I'm working towards my agree online, I still think that should allow for some sort of clothing upgrade haha. New PJs maybe? jk.


One thing I came across while back to school shopping was that you can now create your own Vans!! I was the girl in high school with the doodled on classic slip on Vans, so this spoke to me and I was so excited to share! I'm also particularly in love with those floral ones. Ugh, I'm such a sucker for a pair of Vans or Toms!

Vans,a Division of VF Outdoor, Inc.

 Tom's has their shoes on sale thru tomorrow and is also doing free shipping on orders over $25.
Save 25% automatically on selected items at! Valid 8/19 through 8/26.
TOMS Shoes TOMS Shoes

The best thing about fall is that all the new products come out and sales and specials along with them. Not to mention, the previous seasons items head to the clearance racks where they know me on a first name basis lol.  For example, Modcloth is having a 70% off sale! I'm pretty thrifty so most items from Modcloth are out of my budget, but I always look forward to their end of season sales! I hope you enjoy shopping these great brands as much as I do!

Conrad made it to his first day of 1st grade great (aside from getting toothpaste all over his shirt and I not noticing until we are in the parking lot resulting in a last minute spit shine before getting out of the car lol!) and he was super excited because his best bud is in his class again this year. Here's to another great year!

Much love!

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