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New Vans + Star Wars Collection

11:26 AMKathryn Curling

 You know how you have things that you love individually like ice cream and reeses? And then they are combined it's like a whole new thing to fall in love with? (Sorry, I had a reeses blizzard last night so its first analogy I could think of lol!)  Well when I saw that Vans had released it's Star Wars Collection I was so excited!!! Conrad and I are a huge Star Wars fans. A few of these I know will definitely be Christmas presents from Santa lol

One thing that I actually really like about this new line is that the also offered shoes and products with Star Wars characters subtly hidden in the prints. At first glance its a pretty retro or vintage looking print, but upon looking closer you see a tiny Yoda hidden in those flowers! lol You can shop Vans New Star Wars Dark Side of the Force Collection Here

Also, how rad is this video of Chewbacca skateboarding? haha!

Vans,a Division of VF Outdoor, Inc.

Do you love Vans or have a Vans lover in your family or on your christmas list? These are the perfect way to feed the nerdy urge while also getting something useful like a pair of shoes. I can't wait to see my son's face on christmas morning when he sees his!

Much love and happy Friday guys!


*I'm a proud affiliate of Vans. They are a company I support and absolutely love. I will be compensated for any purchases made through this blog.

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