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Halloween Spooky Movie List Part 2

9:34 AMKathryn Curling

Last year's Halloween Movie List still is, to this day, one of the most pinned things from my blog. So I thought it'd be a good idea to post this year's spooky movie list. Conrad is getting older and little braver every year so we've enjoyed introducing him to the kid friendly scary movies. Basically though, he watches Goosebumps by peaking around corner into the living room with the volume down very low lol!  He's become quite a vampire and werewolf fan, partially in thanks to my Twilight phase haha. I grew up watching Friday The 13th & the Halloween movies at the drive in! (WHAT WERE YOU THINKING MOM AND DAD?) But now, I don't watch anything too scary anyone more. It doesn't help that my boyfriend HATES anything scary. He once woke me up because he was watching Constantine and terrified. So, I thought this year we could focus on some of the cult classic horror movies and movies from my childhood.

So here's this years spooky movie list!

1. Ghostbusters! (1&2)
I feel a movie marathon night coming on with Ghostbusters. By no means is it terrifying, but its creepy and playful enough that our whole family can watch it without nightmares lol. Plus it has Bill Murray. Need I say more?

2. The Monster Squad
A cult classic and a true staple of my childhood, The Monster Squad was like the Sandlot of Halloween time. I absolutely loved this movie and am proud to say my son is a fan now too.

3. The Lost Boys
Another cult classic spooky movie that takes me back to my childhood. I loved the Lost Boys! I had such a crush on Michael! This one is still actually pretty scary to me lol

5. Creature From The Black Lagoon
I don't know what it is about this movie but Conrad is so fascinated by the creature! It was nearly his choice for a costume. I'm glad he decided to go with something different because I wasn't looking forward to trying to accomplish a "creature" costume last minute.

6. Earnest Scared Stupid 
We watched a lot of Earnest movies when I was little so its naturally one of our yearly traditions to watch this one. I thought for the longest time that I could actually kill a troll by shooting milk at it. ha!

7. The Goonies
Hands down this is my favorite child hood movie of all time, not just Halloween! We watch this movie several times a year, but its perfect for Halloween too!

7. Are You Afraid Of The Dark? 
Now, its not technically a movie, but this tv series was so creepy when I was little! Now its a bit corny, but we've been marathoning it on Youtube lately! Another great childhood memory to relive with my son. 

8. Hocus Pocus
And last but not least of course, Hocus Pocus! This was on my list last year but it's a staple of Halloween. No kid's Halloween can be complete without this movie.

Are there any movies on your list for Halloween? Were there any movies you watched as a kid that were scary? I'd love to hear!

much love,

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