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The Feel Good Blogging Challenge - Challenge 2: Telling My Story

8:51 AMKathryn Curling

As I mentioned yesterday I'm taking part in the Feel Good Blogging Challenge! The first post in the challenge was about making introductions about yourself and your blog. You can still join in! It's never too late to be a part of something that helps you and your blog grow! Today's post is about sharing my story of what I do and why I do it.

In a nutshell, I am a graphic & web designer  and owner of  Gypsy Beard Studio, a vintage boutique. I also dabble in photography when I have time.

Flash back to elementary school, and you will find an Nsync obsessed 9 year old. This was the dial up era and "You've got mail!" was a household thing. I discovered the world of web design and blogging. I was constantly checking out Nsync fan sites and blogs. Does anyone else remember using Expages, Angelfire or Homestead? lol

Fast forward a year or so. I had created several fan sites dedicated to different bands, online pets and actors. I guess in the 90's it was a pretty impressive thing for a 10 year old to be doing what I was doing, but it was just something that made me happy and excited. Being an obsessed "teeny bopper" was not my proudest moment to confess, but it did get my interest stirred in the design world. A relative of mine handed me off my first copy of a popular design software and I was in heaven learning to manipulate photos, learn flash and html and create pretty things.

The rest is kind of a long story that entails different experiences in learning different programs, numerous Xanga and Livejournal accounts, making LOTS OF MISTAKES creatively and professionally, and random freelance jobs in high school. I've never once wanted to do anything else with my life. I've known since I was in elementary that I was going to be a designer. My family always encouraged me and pushed me to follow my dreams. I'll never forget the day they bought me my first Macbook. It still makes me happy.

I guess I've always been drawn to technology and design. Now today I'm proud to say that I've worked with many clients creating web sites and brands. Taking a business with no web presence or brand to something fantastic and seeing the response and results from their customers is incredible. One of my big clients from last year had a very basic web site. Since we've completely revamped it and help create their brand their business has thrived and their sales are through the roof.  I love helping businesses "be all that they can be" and stand out amongst their competitors.

Each time a start up company comes to me with their ideas, I'm immediately reminded of the excitement I felt when I first started my own business. It's thrilling to be a part of someone's beginning and hopefully success. In a sense I am responsible for creating their image. It's a beautiful thing. You make such bonds and build relationships with wonderful people. You also learn a lot about products and businesses you would've otherwise never knew existed. (I.E. assault rifles, cattle, dermatology, roller derby and the list goes on lol)

Where I am at now, is somewhat of my ultimate dream come true, to own my own brick and mortar business. The fact that I can combine my love for design and vintage clothing into one location is incredible to me. Though they are two separate businesses technically,I like to think that Gypsy Beard Studio is a bit like Andy Warhol's factory, minus the drugs and shenanigans lol...) I get to use my love for blogging and photography on a daily basis as well to help promote my business and work. It couldn't get much better honestly.

I still have a very long ways to go. By no means do I have any of my crap together. Running a business is very new to me. I'm not making ridiculous amounts of money and there's no way I could support myself 100% yet. Since my store has only been open 2 months, there is very little profit involved with overhead costs and I don't expect there to be just yet. It's a constant battle of trying to build my customer base, advertise and bring in more products. But I'm heading in the right direction and I love what I am doing with all of my heart. Can one really complain about that? I think not.

Now if I could just figure out this work/life balance...... lol

What is your story? What is your passion for? I'd love to hear! Leave a comment!


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