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X-Metal Riders "Night of The Freaks" Show With Bryan McCarthy of Metal Mulisha

8:01 AMKathryn Curling

After randomly watching a "globe of death" demo at a local motorsports shop, we wound up getting free tickets to check out the Night Of The Freaks show by the X-Metal Riders in Greenville, Texas. It was particularly cool because one of the riders, Bryan McCarthy, was a pro sponsored by Metal Mulisha.  It was the first time Conrad and I had gone to anything like this. (Conrad had been to the drag races 2 years ago and cried the whole time because of the noise. ) We ended up meeting with one of Conrad's friends from school and we had a blast.

Of course I'm always excited for an opportunity for Conrad to get excited and for me to get to take photos. Taking photos at night is always super tricky. I've still got a lot of work to do when it comes to learning how to shoot photos at night.  It was exciting to meet all the riders and see their bikes up close.  If you ever get a chance to see these guys please do! They are great! Not to mention they are all super nice guys.

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