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InstaLife - Last few weeks we....Lake, food, giveaway

10:24 AMKathryn Curling

To sum it up quickly, the past few weeks have been eventful with the 4th of July and what not. So here's an every life summary of the past few weeks. Lots of cooking out, spending time at the lake, reading, fireworks, dessert, visiting with friends from out of town (and their cute babies!), hosting my first giveaway on the blog (which is still open for a few more days!) and of course breakfast art via syrup haha.

 I'm so sad that summer is halfway over... like what the heck? I've accomplished absolutely nothing that I planned so I guess it's time to put things in high gear aye? I hope your accomplishing more with your summer than I am! haha


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  1. I am so sad summer is almost over too!


    Looks like you are having fun though :)


  2. We are definitely trying! Hopefully we will be able to go on vacation or something before school starts up though. =)


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