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Things My Dream Home Will (hopefully) have:

10:23 PMKathryn Curling

A window seat: for quiet moments with books or story time.
Lots of vintage charm, particularly stained glass windows, old hardwood floors, clawfoot tub etc..
A dreamy studio space.
A decent sized yard for forts, tree houses, a garden and finally a dog.
A great porch for mornings/evenings drinking coffee and tea with people that I love.
A garage for my handsome man to do his "working on cars and old things" manly stuff.

We are still half heartedly home shopping. I have my eye on a few places that are just about perfect... but I'm not getting my hopes up or anything. I'm not super particular on things like how big the rooms are or all stainless steel kitchen etc... I want a home.... a cozy, comfortable place to relax in, make memories in, fall in love again in. I've always wanted to live in an older home... and it's in the details. I love the interesting shaped windows, the thick window sills, old wooden floors, claw foot bath tubs, intricate details on the doors and porches and of course the tin ceiling and roofs. (We have the same dresser as #2 so I'm so looking forward to creating something similar for our bedroom!)

We've talked a lot about buying an older home that needs work and I think we're both exciting about a challenge like that. One of the many things about my boyfriend that I adore is that he prefers to live simply.  He doesn't spend time worrying about obtaining superficial things like expensive clothes or nice cars. He prefers staying at home and watching movies, cooking or working in the garage over partying or going out to eat. He has taught me so much about life and the value of family and the simple things in life. *Warm fuzzy feelings*

That being said the only thing I'm weird about and will be picky about in old homes is old toilets, sinks and bath tubs.  Probably anywhere that I move to those things will need to be replaced at some point. I just don't really want to reuse someone's old toilet, especially one 100 years old haha. I've watched enough HGTV to know that it's unrealistic to expect to get everything that you want so I'm keeping my eyes and mind open!

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  1. oh yes a dreamy studio space sounds like bliss :))



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