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Summer Lovin' Pt. 2

7:06 AMKathryn Curling

I feel like I've been posting a lot lately. Ha. I just feel so pumped about the blog lately... I'm meeting a lot of great ladies lately and thanks to the AMAZING Texas Women Bloggers Group that I joined, I feel even more passionate and excited about where things have been going lately.  If you are from Texas I cannot stress enough how much you will love being apart of the group.

I'm off to another lame weekend at "my real job" or as I like to call it my "back up plan". Eh, it pays the bills when I've had a slow week in the studio/shop. Next week will be FULL SPEED ahead in the studio though with lots of new work coming in. Also I'm starting to plan Conrad's birthday party which is in August. If you follow me on pinterest then you've seen a lego frenzy going on lol.  So in order to remind myself of the happiness of the weeks past, here's another round of pretty summer pictures that make me happy and somehow force me to not call in and quit my weekend job haha.

(P.S. Conrad wanted some face paint so that he could look like the Tonto from The Lone Ranger... I feel asleep on the couch while we were watching a movie and woke up and he has drawn all over his body with it! That's why his face is all red!)

Well happy weekend guys!


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  1. Phew so glad that was face paint, I definitely thought it was some sort of weird sunburn or something haha! What a cutie! xxx

  2. haha I know! I had to mention what it was since it looked kind of scary haha


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