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In My Studio: Murder Dolls Illustration

9:34 AMKathryn Curling

I mentioned a while back about checking out the local roller derby team in my town... well since then I've gotten to know a few of the great ladies and I hinted at how I'd love to work with them... and we ended up working something out. Well here's the first draft for a logo I did for the newest team in the league, The Murder Dolls". It's exciting to do work with people who are more true to your personal tastes. I'm sure we'll be making changes but so far I'm pretty stoked with where it's going.

And here's a little peak into the work process. (I'm TERRIBLE at drawing stars by hand. I always have to fix it in Illustrator haha.) I usually start with a hand drawn sketch in pencil that gets scanned and traced in Adobe Illustrator. The sketch for me is always a rough draft. I always end up making tons of changes once it's on the computer because my usual drawing style is very grungy and unclean lines. When I know I'm drawing something that will be transferred to a computer I try to keep it as clean as possible. (On an unrelated note, I adore my blue desk lol)

Hope you enjoyed a peak in to my work process/life.

tata guys


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  1. Amazing work and how fun to work with a roller derby team!!

  2. How creative! I am definitely keeping you in mind for future projects :)

  3. Damn fine! And I'm always in awe of people who can translate the image onto the computer. Looks great!

  4. Thanks for the love! I'm happy to do something that I love!

  5. Amazing!

    I am actually taking a drawing class right now for Interior Design and I suck!


  6. Eeew, Nicole I was always terrible at the "perspective" drawing. I hated it in school. It was too technical for me. lol

  7. Looking good! What a fun project :)

    Alex from


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