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New in the shop: Florals, owls and denim.

8:48 AMKathryn Curling

 1. Blue Patterned Skirt Size 6
2/3. Vintage "Little Black" Sheer Dress Size 5/6
4. Vintage Owl Skirt M/L
5.Vintage Dots Dress Size 14
6. Native Inspired Denim Jacket Size M
 7. Floral Blazer/Jacket Size 8
 8. Vintage Button Up Retro Flowers Dress Size 10

New in this shop this past week.... I apologize for not make it more pretty of a display, things are incredibly busy today!! My favorites have to be that blue skirt, owl skirt, black sheer dress and the denim jacket! If they were my size I'd so be keeping them! Everyone needs a vintage "little black" dress. =)

tata guys it's back to work now!


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  1. Oh how I LOVE owls!

    And that Wolf jean jacket I would totally rock :)


  2. I'll be hosting a giveaway sometime soon so keep your eyes open if you want to maybe win it! Thanks for the love! =)


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